Dionis Guzman

The future is easy to predict when you are the one making it

Learnability advisor | Digital Transformation Expert

I believe in the power of education to help both individuals and companies to boost their success in the digital economy.

A start-ups founder, digital marketeer, digital transformation consultant and a learnability expert, I am a passionate individual who is committed to helping businesses and individuals to improve their performance and skills in this digital era.
With over a decade of experience in the field of digital transformation I have helped a number of organizations and companies in boosting their readiness for achieving success to the impact of digital transformation.

I assist people in boosting their learnability as well as employability by developing in-demand or advanced skills required for driving their career growth & success. As a learnability advisor, I offer extensive information, guidance and support to individuals planning to take their careers to the next level and acquire skills necessary for succeeding in this digital era.


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 In the new paradigm shift of tomorrowland learning has a double connotations: attitudes and content. Attitudes requires the openness to de-learn and re-learn hence everything keeps in changing. Content acquisition relies less on memory and more of resourcefulness to get the relevant knowledge instantly in a fast and reliable manner. 

Simon Dolan
Creator and spiritual leader of the “Leading, managing and coaching by values” concept, methodology and tools

 Traditional and conventional learning process as we know it could help you to grow your talent in a linear way (x1) while learnability boosts that in an exponential way (x10). 

Arancha Ruiz
Headhunter & Talentist

 You can’t stand still on a treadmill that’s in motion. If you don’t keep moving forward, you’ll fall off the back and be left behind. The same is true of learning in the new world of work. If you aren’t actively learning every day, you’ll quickly lose your relevance. Being an engaged, pro-active learner is one of the most important skills today and for the future. 

William Arruda
Personal branding pioneer, motivational speaker & author: helping professionals succeed by being themselves
  • Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain